lundi 7 septembre 2015

Folklore of Wisdom

Just a little relaxing mixtape for the moment you dont feel heavy. Wich is most of the time for me.

Changes - Fire of life
Sonne Hagal - The shapes of things to come
Death in june - Burn again
Blood axis - Wulf and eadwacer
Le rêve du diable - Le caribou
Virusse - Through the veins and fear
Brazen serpent - Silencing aeons
Catawana - Again
Nhor - Sune

GET IT HERE: Folklore Of Wisdom

mardi 21 janvier 2014

Portrait - The Murder Of All Things Righteous

Vinyl rip of a great 7'' since it was kinda hard to find and sold out. Great stuff.

Vinyl rip to WAV.


Ben of the graves

dimanche 10 novembre 2013

To The School Child Gazing Out The Window

             An ambient mix about escaping the reality when your body is trapped in a cold environments

1 Boards Of Canada - Reach for the Dead
2 M83 - Moonchild
3 BSO 28 Days Later Soundtrack - The Beginning
4 Vond - Host II
5 Evilfeast - One To a Rising Fullmoon
6 Panopticon - Black Waters
7 Tenhi - Tenhi
8 Deamonia Nymphe - Politeia Of The Unnamed
9 Ulver - Untitled V
10 Riding Dawn Revolt - The Nightmare
11 Burzum - Sôlarguði

Good for inducing sleep or mental relaxation

Ben of the graves

lundi 2 septembre 2013

The Mangled Dead - Hate Humans

I discovered this band about a month ago, a  great garage and a vintage sound  that reminds me  the old Misfits... very energetic songs. Lovers of good old school punk will satisfy :)
This album it Free to  Donwload on their Bandcamp
Stevens .

Projet RL- Stone/Wind/Travel tape

New Demo tape By Ben of the grave and is band Projet RL, Limited to 15 copy on Cassette!
Great stoner and heavy Fuzz Riff !!! This is their BANDCAMP.... FREE DOWNLOAD , Don't loose your chance to discover this Great Band From Alma , Quebec

Good Listening 

vendredi 23 août 2013

The Deep Soul ( Side Project)

 My new Project, The Deep Soul. A intense moment of psychedelic-Experimentation-space travel.
Also on my bandcamp, My other project ( The unknown name band), a Garage punk and rolls, lo-fi -Fuzzy music.

Good Listening !

The Deep Soul band Camp:

TANX . Stevens !

mercredi 21 août 2013


A New Fucking Great Band Of Stoner-Doom-Psychedelic
OMG  all of they album was so CRAZY and all Free donwload on BANDCAMP !

Bandcamp :

One of the best band i have ear !!!

Stevens !

samedi 3 août 2013

Neant Radical

I've re-uploaded the Neant Radical 2009 demo since the link was dead. Enjoy.

Ben of the graves.

jeudi 15 novembre 2012

Sailing Under The Moonolith

Sailing Under The Moonolith 

Where slow wave turn into unpredictable high tides.
And reality escape in a aura of mist.

 The Machine - Moonward
 White ring - Ixc999
 White lung - take the mirror
 Salute - Six Deep
 Of the wand and moon - Sunspot
 Mgla - With Hearts Toward None III
 Lurker of chalice - Granite
 Woven hand - Last fist
 Daze of Heaven - Oh Heaven! Where Hast Thou Gone

vendredi 27 juillet 2012

Kriegerisch - Thrash Mental (Demo 2012)

Amazing new Thrash band from Jonquière (ARVIDA area, Quebec)

Four peace band, their live performance are almost tighter than on the record. They definitly know their shit.

The mix itself on the CD is pretty decend. Surprisingly better than a lot of other stuff. Their no compromise there, no fucking trigger or modern mania. With a kinda lo-fi vibe, but without the analogue sound. Only thing missing for me is some reverb. But hey, we are not all fan of cavernous sound. The guitar could have used some more mids area EQ (yes, i love mids). The lyrics are pretty straightforwarding.

Great band and great attitude toward the music. They do it because they love it, and you can smell it. Definitly a new band to reckon with if they keep up the dedication.

Support the band here: Human Disgrace Records

Try it here, and if you like, you know what to do: HERE

Ben of the graves.

lundi 14 mai 2012

V-A- Free in The Wood

V-A Free In The Wood

01-The magits- Disconnected
02-The Sonics-Have Love, Will Travel
03-Spizz Energi- Soldier Soldier
04-The Vicious- the happiest place
05-Roky Erickson and the Aliens- Night of the Vampire
06-Richard Hell and the Voidois - Blank Generation
07-Madame Edwarda- Lorelei
08-The Smiths - Handsome Devil
09-zounds - this land
10-Pink Floyd- Echoes part 2

Compilation by Stevens Nado in may 2012

V-A - Its About Life

V-A- Its About Life

01- Annie Anxiety- Hello Horror
02-Arctic Flowers- Rats In Walls
03- Black Flag - Screw The Law
04-A-political- (intro)Punk Is A Ghetto
05-A-political-It's Not About Politics, It's about life
06-Chumbawamba- Commercial Break
07-Ex-Voto-falling apart
08-Dead Moon - Black September
09-alternative - anti-christ
10-Dimthings-Anti-Computer Dealings

Compilation By Stevens Nado in may 2012

lundi 19 décembre 2011

Upcoming storm

It start rough than the its the calm before the storm.

1 The Devil's Blood - Fire Burning
2 Projet RL - Gloire a toi p
3 My bloody valentine - Lose My Breath
4 True widow - Night Witches
5 Low - Fear
6 Gary Higgins - Unable To Fly
7 Le kraken - Effluence
8 Fall of Efrafra- last but not least
9 Vestige - I
10 Young and in the way - Death is Eager to Hold You
11 Ash borer - In the Midst of Life, We Are In Death
12 Cloudkicker - Let Yourself Be Huge


mercredi 30 novembre 2011

Projet RL Demo 2011 (Post-hard-punk-rock-grunge)

A new dawn of sonic waves rising from the ashes of the unknown. 

We are the blood, that flow in you. 
We are violence that penetrate you

Nine songs for a total of almost 30 minute.

Waves of alienation
Colorfull melancholia
Limbus 3166
Take that
Black september
Gloire a toi p.
Take theses clouds off for god sakes

Limited to 75 hand made and hand numbered CD, come with pins. 4$ +shipping. 


Join us on facebook:

dimanche 27 novembre 2011

Riding dawn revolt - The Dreams (Dark,minimalist,ambient)

I dreamt my soul was set free, no wonder we are bound to this earth
They are raping human soil
With mighty ships of oil
We all live in chaos.

1 - Machine Wonder
2 - We Are Doomed To Fire
3 - We All Live In Chaos
4 - Feeling in loop
5 - Awakening Of A Crushed Soul

*All Noise by Ben of the graves

 Get it:  HERE

samedi 22 octobre 2011

Sinking into the abbyss

A mixtape done in a day of hangover of beer, love and pain. All the song are accompanied with a little footnote in the setlist folder.

1 - Kosmograd - This Weather Of Hangmen

One of my very great discoveries in the years of 2011. 2:30 and on ward give me chills in my bones!

2 - Paul Chain - Voyage To Hell

I remember being at Satannick places in montreal when first listening to this album. It blew my mind away, this is a classic of doom. That shall be long remembered!

3 - Paradise Lost - The Painless

1991 album that i only discoverd, 10 years later! in 2011. But hey, please keep in mind i was 1 years old at that time! Timeless classic.

4 - Okkultokrati - Walking Sleep, Sleeping Eye

Shit! Fuck! So far, this new decade of music is filled with many sick album! I think more people starting to realise we are covered by waste!

5 - Lucem ferre - Dark Load

This music definitly planted something dark in my embryos that serve me as a brain!

6 - Kvelertak - Sjohyenar (Havets Herrer)

This shit make me want to break some stuff. Run around and scream like a 9 years old deaf girl. Deaf people can scream, right?!

7 - King Dude - My Beloved Ghost

A nice song to chill out before your head explode.

8 - Holy Mount - Breeze Blows West

We are restarting te ride with a smooth one. But its still heavy as hell! listen to the crunching cymbal and that pounding riff!

9 - Dethrone - Pathetic

Hugh...! Why am i on earth!

10 - Dekoder - Hate Song

You say that they are from montreal? And this demo was released in 2011? Shit!!! You can get the demo for free here

11 - Crooked Necks - Poisoning The Seed

What is better than black metal or post punk? Well just mix the two and you will see! This is a joy division version with angrier vocal! haha.

12 - Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats - Over & Over Again

Shit! Yes yes, i hear you, its the same two riff for about three minute long, BUT FUCK ITS GOOD! just headbang all along and everything go well.

13 - Burzum - Budstikken

varg kept a surprisingly good vision of what burzum was in 17 years of imprisonnement, i just think that proves the dedication to the art. Crying because you think he is a neo-nazi or some other shit? Why giving a single fuck when you can enjoy the music and shut your mouth.

14 Bilskirnir - Furor

This song will leave you hatefull, so chanel all the hate you gathered troughout this mix and aim at the right place!

mercredi 28 septembre 2011

Appalachian Terror Unit - GreenWashing

Voici un autre Vinyle de ma collection personnelle , Du bon Crust-punk avec un son organique et une voix féminine avec une ambiance unique... Un album très intense avec une ressemblance A Sabbath Bloddy Sabbath avec Nausea ! L'insomnie sera sans pitier avec ça !Bonne écoute
Link mediafire :

Stevens Shish Nado

dimanche 25 septembre 2011

witch hunt - as priorities decay

a DIY hardcore-crust- Punk band from Philadelphia with Great lyrics and fast riffs with female and male vocal ! very insane album ! i like it during insomniac night !!!!
Mediafire :
Enjoy !!!!
Stevens Shish Nado


Wolfbrigade is a d-beat- Crust-Hardcore band from Sweden. Great riffs and energetive music .
This is 3 Album

A D-Beat odyssey

Link Mediafire :

in darkness you feel no regrets
Link Mediafire :


Link Mediafire :

Enjoy it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stevens shish Nado


The Astronauts is a Lengendary Anarcho punk band From UK . This album are Very Imaginative ! Good Work from them .

Mediafire :

Enjoy !!!
Stevens Shish Nado